Tiree(Argyll)Array dropped, a victory for common sense and the environment



Visual and Technical Issues of the proposed array. See how Tiree could have been transformed into an industrial seascape.

NTA Update

Autumn 2014 Update. With the Tiree Array dropped does NTA close on its 4th anniversary ? Plus a personal perspective on Scottish Government's Renewables Policy, and what little it has achieved in the last 4 years.

Environmental Issues

Tiree Array and its environmental issues are explained. After SPR dropped the Array(Dec 2013) these have now put Tiree, and the proposed Array area, on a trajectory to being considered for SPA and MPA status (July 2014) .
John Cole (Head of Iberdrola -SPR Offshore Wind) stated the following reasons for SPR dropping the Tiree Array:- (1)Financial- "the project is not financially viable in the short term " (2) Technology- " ..the technology wasn't ready" (3) Environmental - considerable presence of basking sharks (4) Considering "the needs of local stakeholders".
Visualisations are indicative only, and offered to give a visual impression of the potential scale of the proposed Array.